9 Best Places To Get Singapore-Made CRAFT BEER For Your Next Drinking Sessions With Your Crew

Make it a night to remember with a taste of the little red dot.
05 July 2019

And we’re not talking about Tiger.

Whether it’s a social lubricant or a tipple to accompany your meal, a pint of beer is a beverage of choice for many. With a fizzy make-up that quenches thirst and a nuanced flavour profile thanks to the addition of hops, grains and other flavourings, beers are an enjoyable beverage to unwind with (we recommend pairing your brew with some salty pretzels). It’s no wonder then, that the boozy liquid is enjoyed worldwide and has prompted many in Singapore to create their own versions.

Sure, we have Tiger Beer. But if you’re looking to upgrade the drinking experience with something more indie and under-the-radar, we suggest giving craft beer a go. Usually created in smaller batches than large, commercial labels, craft beer brewers create truly fun, unique flavours that won’t pale in comparison to the Heinekens and Hoegaardens of the world.

In celebration of International Beer Day on Aug 2 and National Day on Aug 9 (we’ll drink to that!), we’ve rounded up nine local craft beer labels you should try when you’re aching for a cold one.

Oh and we hate to nag, but remember to drink wisely and responsibly, and never drink and drive. Cheers!

By  Ho Guo Xiong, July 2019 / Images: Facebook 

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