7 Best Alcohol Delivery Services in Singapore For An Awesome House Party

07 April 2016
<p>Drink up!</p>

Drink up!

Just click and drink.


It’s National Beer Day! Get yours delivered right to your doorstep with these convenient online delivery services.


1. Mabuk Monkey 

Need some booze delivered within 60 minutes? Choose from a large variety of beer (including craft beer), liquor and wine. If you’re buying a bottle as a gift, they can wrap it up and include a card for a personal touch.


2. The Liquor Bar

Besides having a physical store is at Parklane Shopping Mall, Liquid Bar also delivers. You can even buy glasses and bartending tools so you can easily get jiggers and cocktail shakers without leaving your home.  


3. Singapore Alcohol Delivery  

What sets this website apart from most of the others is that it stocks up on sake, shochu, umeshu and Japanese whisky! We also spotted some rather unique items on their list like Taiwan Fruit Beer and Hoegaarden Rose.


4. AsherBWS 

It’s not fun when you have to lug several cartons of booze from the store. So just get them sent to your doorstep instead through this website. We like how beer is sorted by brands, while wine is categorised by country of origin for easy online browsing.


5. Cellarbration 

Besides offering alcohol delivery and their own line of glasses, this website also provides some simple cocktail recipes you can try at home for any parties and celebrations. 


6. Ring To Drink 

We love that their package deals come with ice, snacks AND paper cups. It doesn’t get any easier than that. And check out what other erm, useful miscellaneous items they offer that you might need for the night.


7. 6 Drunk Men 

Forget about cans and cartons, just get an entire keg delivered to straight to your home. Orders must be made at least two working days in advance.


By Muneerah Bee, April 2016 

Photo: Ring To Drink’s Facebook page


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