10 BEST Bubble Tea Shops In Singapore To Fulfill Your Boba CRAVINGS On A Hot Day

That are not Koi, LiHO or Gongcha.
18 April 2019

You know you’re in Asia when you walk around with a cup of boba.

Calling all bubble tea addicts! With plenty of up-and-coming brands springing up on our sunny island in recent months, it looks like the craze is back and here to stay. While popular chains like Koi and Gongcha are perfectly suitable for quenching your thirst on a sweltering hot day, there are now a myriad of bubble tea stores that offer equally good drinks, with some rolling out unique and quirky flavours. Who knows, one of these shops may just be your new go-to. Here’s our list for some of the best bubble tea shops you can find in Singapore.

By Zoe Zeng & Kayce Teo, April 2019 / Images: Facebook

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