8 BEST Places In Singapore To Get The Most Decadent CHEESECAKES

Time to treat yourself to a slice or two.
09 August 2019

Or for no reason at all!

Creamy and rich in flavour, with a beautiful golden top and buttery, crunchy crust, it’s not hard to understand why cheesecakes are a universal favourite. It’s the best treat to abandon yourself to, on days you feel blue, feel the need to snack on something sweet, or to celebrate milestones and special occasions, and of course, no one will fault you if you bring a whole, freshly baked one to a home party.

As the US celebrated National Cheesecake Day on July 30 (though we believe that it should be celebrated all year round), we’ve rounded up the best places in Singapore with the most decadent cheesecakes that are well worth the indulgence.

Whether you like your cheesecakes classic, creamy, traditional, light or fluffy, the dessert is simply impossible to resist in all its glorious forms. Whip out your dessert fork and treat yourself. You can run it off later.

By Cheryl Lim, July 2019  

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