6 Things We Learnt From Throwing A House Party In Singapore

26 October 2016

Recently, The Finder team hosted a huge party with the help of Creative Eateries at our editor, Sara’s house. 

If you’ve ever threw a house party, you’d know how disaster-prone things get. But this one went fabulously. Here’s what happened!

And here’s us sharing some party tips we got out of that day!

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About Creative Eateries

Founded in 1992, Creative Eateries Catering is an award-winning industry veteran. 

They run some of the most popular restaurants in Singapore – from edgy Japanese grill ROCKU Yakiniku to highend Patara Fine Thai – and, lucky for you, it’s also a full-service catering company.

They provide a variety of cuisines as well as stellar decor, equipment rental and staffing services. Their catering services are thoughtfully tailor-made to each occasion, be it for a casual house party or a big-scale event, so you can rest assured your party will be just how you imagine it to be.




By Pinky Chng, October 2016


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