The ULTIMATE List Of Sports Bars In Singapore To Watch LIVE Sports

Go out, eat, drink and make merry! 
30 August 2019

Whether it’s football, rugby or boxing you’re into, there’s a bar for you and your friends to enjoy some live sporting action.

Singapore is in an ideal time zone for sports fans. We’re able to catch a lot of international sporting events without having to sacrifice too much sleep (and God knows we need our sleep). It’s easy to watch games taking place in Australia/Asia, we don’t have to stay up too late for European matches, and when it comes to American sports, we might be able to watch it by waking up a little bit earlier. Sure, there’s the odd 3am match but most sports-mad fans don’t mind a little ‘suffering’ from time to time.

Watching sports is definitely more fun in a crowd and one of the most enjoyable ways to do this is at a watering hole. Whether it’s a neighbourhood vibe you prefer or you’re more interested in the type of food you can enjoy with the game, here’s a guide to the best sports bars in Singapore.

By Balvinder Sandhu + Chris Ong, updated August 2019  

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