8 Low-Calorie Hawker Food Swaps To Try in Singapore If You Are On A DIET

Here’s how you can enjoy local hawker food indulgences without cheating on your diet.
08 December 2020

Singapore’s hawker centre actually has some yummy low-calorie hawker food options.

Keeping in mind that McSpicy is 528 calories, hawker dishes like seafood fried rice (907 cal) and char kway teow (744 cal) give a bad rep to all the other hawker dishes out there. Many people think you need to stay away from hawker foods to lose weight.

But nope, there’s quite a number of hawker foods that you can eat without worrying about your diet. We picked hawker dishes that range from around 300 – 450 calories each, perfect for those intending to go on a healthier diet. Find out which hawker delights you should be eating instead.

By Sara Mahendran, April 2018, Her World Singapore/ Updated by Jashleen Kaur, December 2020

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