Group Dinners: 6 Fun and Spicy Hot Pot Soup Restaurants In Singapore

The best way to enjoy an Asian hot pot meal is with friends, so you can cook lots of meat, veg and seafood in the hot soup. We find the best places in Singapore
01 October 2018

Eating is best when it’s social, that’s why we  find Asian hot pot meals so satisfying.

You all sit around a frothy, boiling broth, choose your own raw ingredients and plunge them into the soup. You stir your ingredients, fishing them out when they’re done and spooning steaming soup into your bowl. All the while, you’re chatting, laughing about your day, about the food — it’s a meal and party all in one.

The best hot pot restaurants in Singapore provide the opportunity for this sort of fun. Many have expanded their basic soup bases so not all of them are spicy – some offer coconut laksa soup, for example. Others offer premium ingredients to diners. We’ve found 6 amazing  places where you can gather friends, or wow visitors to Singapore.

By Sean Tham and Tara Barker, October 2018

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