Celebrate Singapore’s National Day With A Scrumptious Feast At These Awesome Restaurants!

Here's how you can feast like a true blue Singaporean.
31 July 2019

Celebrate Singapore on a plate with some of the best places to feast this August!

It’s undeniable that Singaporeans’ favourite pastime is to eat. And, with the wide range of cuisines from a multitude of restaurants, coffee shops and cafes available for our taking everywhere we go, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a meal spot.

But, this National Day, local food will undoubtedly take the spotlight and, really, why shouldn’t it? Singaporean food is a melting pot of influences, and most “ethnic” or heritage foods are a marriage between cultures, or have elements borrowed from somewhere else, thanks to its multicultural society.

We ain’t complaining, because the food that has emerged as iconically Singapore is complex and multi-faceted, bursting with flavours and something we are truly proud of and love. Below are some places you can go to celebrate Singapore!

By Joy Fang, July 2019

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