9 BEST Places To Get Affordable Sushi In Singapore UNDER $30

Venture out to find new sushi places to love!
14 June 2019

International Sushi Day might be over, but indulge in fresh sushi from our favourite best kept secret sushi joints!

Prepared with vinegared rice and topped with a select variety of ingredients, the beloved sushi’s exquisite taste is what gives the Japanese dish a permanent spot on almost everyone’s list of favourite food. But apart from being the popular dish that it is, sushi’s practical yet lavish qualities serve a double capacity — it’s suited for a quick and easy fix for lunch or an indulgent dinner for a night out. While most price tags for a good sushi meal tend to be pricey, affordable but quality sushi is not that hard to find. With International Sushi Day coming round, this might be the perfect time for you to give these sushi places a try.

By Lauren Ong, June 2019 

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